Posture drives the Nation

Posture drives the Nation

Pakistan has repeatedly been a victim of weak foreign posture in post 9/11 scenario. The most prominent among the reason was its political restrains it had imposed on itself for certain political gains. However in the mean time we forgot the rule of the nature, a phenomenon that is as old as man kind's existence itself that Weakness is a Crime. Although Inventory was still filled with all the required garments for fighting imposed conflict but its political restraints made it appear a weak state with sufficient power but zero will and intent.

With This in focus, On pitch dark night 26 February 2019 India carried out an airstrike on a religious school structure it labeled as a terrorist hub in Balakot many kms inside Pakistan and claimed that it scored hundreds of terrorists killed. The Aircraft were Intercepted by PAF Combat Air Patrols (CAPs) and returned. Next morning, India announced it's claim of killing hundreds, whole India was up for jubilation. But soon foreign satellites as well as reports and coverage from ground declared the Indian claim defunct. An unfortunate crow was taken out together with few trees,nothing more. However the Nation got angered by this criminal exploitation of restraint it kept for peace and a clear violation of its airspace and thus sovereignty. The very next day, Pakistan Air Force carried out a daylight counter air strike on India. Military targets of Indian army were suppressed by bombs with signal of capability that blew up around them. Panicked officers and men of Indian Military and paramilitary forces ran around in total chaos. A High Level Conference was being chaired by COAS Gen Bipin Rawat in one of Brigade Headquarters of 25th Indian Infantry Division. Bipin had just arrived in Occupied Kashmir for reviewing the preparedness in Indian Army Northern command's area due to ongoing tensions with Pakistan. This meeting was reportedly attended by Comd Northern Command, Corps Commanders of all three Indian Army's 14,15 and 16 Corps under NC with many other senior Indian officials from IAF as well as J&K Police. The opening up of conference was certainly cheerful with praise of yesterday's IAF action. However the joy was short lived, entire conference room was shaken up with explosions. Shocked Bipin and other officials started running for their lives, General's personal staff and security was no where to be seen.

("PAKISTANI AAGAE" Pakistanis have come)

Someone shouted at him.

Every thing was shattered to pieces in Brigade Headquarters with high ranking Indian generals on the run for their lives.

It can easily be concluded that Air Defence controllers of Indian northern sector were drunk after last night's IAF victory parties. They couldn't even imagine that the enemy would ever strike and hammer them obstructing a clear sunny sky from above. In the immediate chaos that followed after PAF action, IAF scrambled it's various combat ready jets from multiple locations instead of following it's doctrine as per which, 51 IAF Squadron with Mig21s in Srinagar was responsible for interception in this area as a first line of defence. This speak volumes of Indian unpreparedness.

The first to reach the hot zone were a Mig21 Bison aircraft airborne from Srinagar together with India's pride Su30MKI Flanker from Sirsa. In the meanwhile the sudden awakening of Indian Air Defence network in J&K that comprised a mix of Russian and Israeli radars and anti aircraft systems, caused the first hit scored in the skies of Kashmir. An Israeli Spider Anti Aircraft missile was automatically launched receiving a friendly target misidentified as hostile. The ill fated Aircraft was an IAF MI 17 Helicopter that had just flown from Srinagar to ladakh on a routine flight. The aircraft was over Budgam when it was torn apart from a direct hit from Spider. All 6 IAF Personal were killed at spot.

The Air Combat ensued even with greater Surprises, the bison was in data link transmission with flanker due to limited radar coverage capability. The big bird with its cutting edge advanced NIIP N011M Bars (Panther) radar warned Mig about Pakistani Mirages exiting after dropping bomb payload and prepared itself to drive off Pak jets .But before the big bird could guide it's younger one any further, or get into striking position,it received a clear hit on itself from an Air to Air missile (Probably AMRAAM) fired from front. Flanker was torn apart so was India's pride and it's wreckage fell inside pulma army cantonment and was immediately cordoned off and seized. With its big brother gone, Mig was a mere chicken for roaring JF17 thunder wolf packs on the other side. PAF Activated its Electronic Jamming Aircraft that were already airborne to jam the Bison. Jamming caused the Mig to loose communication with ground controller and fell technically blind. In that blindness the Mig21 piloted by Wingcomd Abhinandan Varthaman crossed into Pakistan. The enraged waiting wolf pack of Thunders teared the mask off the Mig's skin with a direct hit from AAM.

Mig's Pilot quickly ejected and was arrested after receiving sufficient angry messages from Kashmiri public. Its wreckage fell on the ground for world to examine the strong posture the resilient nation conveyed to all casted evil eyes on Pak across the globe.

The only thing IAF shot down in this entire air battle, the first since 1971, was its Credibility, and it was extensively supported by indian media and Indian air-force with lame excuses and imaginary hits and kills of terrorist and pak F16s. Impact of illusionary world projected by Bollywood in Indian society was clearly demonstrated in it's ranks by VAYU SENA (IAF) that day.

Underhand though, message was conveyed with full force. Indian armed forces were left shattered and shamelessly exposed to the world.

Subsequently Indian narrative was reversed within days. The new US policy of Indopacific joint partnership meant to prepare India for a two front war scenario was entirely shaken up.

A so called regional superpower with intent of global one was thrashed in broad day light with a promised surprise by a country that it considered a failed state and not even near comparable.

Extensive pressure and diplomatic effort was launched on US govt to side with India and declare an F16 loss in Pakistan for keeping domestic audience at ease but the Americans who were already fed up of what they deemed a ridiculous planning and preparation on part of India and disappointed of its armed forces were not willing to hang their credibility with that of India.

Being a superpower with cutting edge capability it respected the display of capability, US counted Pak F16s and generated a No Loss Report much to Indian dismay.

The most directly effected communities of this Indo Pak Skirmish were Afghan government as well as Indian funded proxies fighting in Pakistan that always looked up-to India as a big power in the region that they expected will help them in securing their nefarious objective in the region.

OPERATION SWIFT RETORT will be remembered in history as a signalling punch by a mature nation with clear intent for peace and if imposed WAR..